The Viralbamboo QA Forum WordPress Plugin is the best plugin for setting up your very own Q&A Forum, client feedback/support/feature request board, knowledge base, FAQ page etc.

You can use the plugin to set up any service that enables users to ask questions/topics or comment on questions. Users or admins can pick certain comments as official answer, upvote or downvote certain comments.

If you are just looking for the shortcode, it’s:


Note that above shortcode can only be used once on the page.

Key Features

  • Set up your own Q&A forum easily
  • Freely control public access to posting questions and comments
  • The styling will try to blend into your own chosen theme
  • Color customisation to better fit the plugin to the look and feel of your website
  • Custom category system for tagging and searching for questions
  • Questions can be included in the global WordPress search
  • Upvote and downvote comments
  • Continuous support from Viralbamboo Ltd.

Q. Will the plugin look exactly like this demo? Can I change the look and feel of the plugin?

We believe the presentation should be a separate concern so this plugin focuses on the actual Q&A functionalities and do not currently come with a theme. This demo site uses an internal theme that we are currently building. 

However, a more defined theme is under consideration and could be released in future versions. Currently, the plugin is built to mix in with the style of any theme you are currently using, with color customisations available. You can look for these options in the settings page once you have the plugin installed.

Q. Does this plugin support my language?

We do provide support for plugin translation on demand. The plugin will use the language your WordPress site uses in the general settings page, and fallback to English if your selected language is not available. In the background, it retrieves the language code from the HTML tag.

If your language is not available after you have set the language in the WordPress settings, please send us a feature request and we will try to prioritize the translation of your translation. You can also request a sheet of all the text strings if you are willing to participate in the translation of the plugin into your own language!

Q. How did you make this documentation?

This documentation is composed with the DocCreate plugin.

Q. Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with the plugin?

Please refer to the page on Envato Market for the refund policy. If you are requesting for a refund due to a feature you expected, why not send us a feature request? We are constantly updating the plugin and the feature you need could be in our roadmap.